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A new member!

2012-10-23 17:17:44 by Arhadium

Hi everyone!
I'm new to the site, I'm a little scared haha
it's been a long time that I want to better know Newground and community, but when I knew the site a few years ago, I was talking really very little English, and I told myself that I will return when I know better, and now it's good! (almost)

I come from Normandy, France, in a small village near the sides (Juno Beach!)

I draw since I was little, always in pencil and ink simple, and I am part of an association of artist in my region (The Accabd). Unfortunately I had to leave home to study archeology far enough, so I stop drawing, to be part of me having a little discouraged when I was in a team of young designers and friends, great cool.

This is my darling give me a taste at drawing, I finished my studies this year, and I go home, and she encouraged a return to the comics and in my organization, and I am super motivated!

I hope by enrolling on Newground meet super talented people (there is it here), and soon be discussing with them the art of animation: the moment I watch a lot of work to one Youtuber called Gonzossm, and I love what he does, but I do not know anything about digital drawing!

I hope so, via Newground, discuss and meet some great people and learn lots of new things and I think I'll find here!

A new member!