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Posted by Arhadium - October 23rd, 2012

Hi everyone!
I'm new to the site, I'm a little scared haha
it's been a long time that I want to better know Newground and community, but when I knew the site a few years ago, I was talking really very little English, and I told myself that I will return when I know better, and now it's good! (almost)

I come from Normandy, France, in a small village near the sides (Juno Beach!)

I draw since I was little, always in pencil and ink simple, and I am part of an association of artist in my region (The Accabd). Unfortunately I had to leave home to study archeology far enough, so I stop drawing, to be part of me having a little discouraged when I was in a team of young designers and friends, great cool.

This is my darling give me a taste at drawing, I finished my studies this year, and I go home, and she encouraged a return to the comics and in my organization, and I am super motivated!

I hope by enrolling on Newground meet super talented people (there is it here), and soon be discussing with them the art of animation: the moment I watch a lot of work to one Youtuber called Gonzossm, and I love what he does, but I do not know anything about digital drawing!

I hope so, via Newground, discuss and meet some great people and learn lots of new things and I think I'll find here!

A new member!

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Bienvenue sur NG ! (Et oui, je parle francais couramment)
J'ai hate de voir tes dessins ^_^

Merci beaucoup! Moi j'ai hate d'entendre tes nouvelles musiques! Franchement, j'en ai ecoute quelques unes: c'est proche de la perfection! J'aime beaucoup!
Merci aussi de m'avoir parler francais, ca fait bizarre sur NG! Je vais essayer de perfectionner mon anglais pour pouvoir communiquer avec tout le monde facilement!
Again thank you for your message, my drawings coming soon!
I repeat, I am happy to be on this site that I knew little, the community is really nice!